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Good morning All on this very wet Welsh day. No sun today: but He who commanded the light to shine OUT of the darkness has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Our greatest need day by day is to behold Him in the secret place which is the inner tabernacle of our hearts, the place where He has shone and is still shining.  That leads me into my thought for the day. Fellowship.

The word is KOINONIA and is taken from the business world. It speaks of 2 who form a partnership and invest their everything into that partnership in order to make the business successful. They share everything and there has to be an openness between the 2 so that each knows the thinking of the other. Neither can hold back from the other what is necessary for the partnership to work.

Please read with me 1Corinthians 1:9 and notice the amazing call God has on each of our lives, not a calling to be something but a calling to engage in partnership with Christ.  There are a number of translations which read that we are called into fellowship WITH the Son, which is true but is not adequate. The original wording is this: "we are called in or into the fellowship OF the Son" which raises the question, who did the Son have fellowship with, and can I enter that fellowship.   The answer is a resounding YES.

I imagine that all of you would answer the question something like this: " He [Jesus] was in fellowship or partnership with His Father. They invested everything in this partnership [relationship].  Their beings were utterly committed to fulfilling all that was intended when They acted in Creation, and brought mankind into being. They have never deviated from their original plan and have provided a way whereby their plan is active today and they are calling you and I into that great original purpose and plan."

Of course it took the death and resurrection of the Son [not the Father] to open up this new and living way for us to become part of THAT fellowship. John made it clear when He said, " Our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ."  According to 1John 1:3 we enter into THEIR partnership [fellowship]

Let me return to a comment I made earlier. "Neither can hold back from the other what is necessary for the partnership to work"  Just for a moment think  what would be the consequence if either of the 2 in the Divine partnership were to withhold from their entire sanctification to that partnership. What if the Son had said NO in the garden of Gethsemane!! or the Father had said I cannot allow this to happen to My Son!!    Oh the wonder of this loving relationship that has called you and me into its glory and beauty. And so it is with you and I, my dear brother and sister.

​​​​​​​ And what are you and I called upon to give to this Partnership. All the Grace and Power and Sufficiency and Enabling are what He brings to it, but what do I have to bring.  One thing, and one thing only, which has been put into the most sublime language by Paul.   

"I beseech you brothers and sisters that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable to God"  Perhaps your response to that is that I have tried and tried again and yet nothing changes. I have no sense of the wonder of this fellowship, no deep sense of fulfilment knowing that I living in the centre of His will.   What do I do now.

Those of you who read the quote from Romans 12:1-2 will have noticed I left something out and this is it. "BY THE MERCIES OF GOD"  Not by my self willing or increased endeavour but by His mercy.  Let's cast ourselves upon Mercy and recognise that in Mercy He has provided GRACE in abundance to enable us to be living sacrifices and to live from this day forward in the Fellowship/Partnership into which He has called us.

Glory be to God, Father Son and Spirit.     Your brother Dai



Good morning All from the Pattersons, with the desire that you are all enjoying that fellowship with the Father and the Son into which we are called.

Praise the Lord that this a day in which we are to know what it is to be partners with Him and to enjoy being obedient to Him as servants, firstly to Him, and then to one another.

I have been reading about the temple. Not the constructions of the Old Testament of which there are at least 3.  The tabernacle in the wilderness, built by Moses under the pattern given Him by God. The temple built by Solomon under the directions given him by God. The rebuilding of that temple by Ezra/Nehemiah following the captivity.  There are others mentioned, namely Herod's which was still uncompleted at the time of the Lord's presence here on earth and was destroyed in 70 AD.  Ezekiel's temple which some say is yet to be built.

But I want to speak of the New Testament temple which is entirely the building of God. All the Old Testament  temples are a shadow of this one and man has no part in building it.  This is the sovereign work of the Father and the Son and is accomplished by the Spirit. This is how Paul speaks of this amazing Temple in 1 Corinthians 3:16-17. Let me quote his words. "Do you not know that YOU are the TEMPLE of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you."  Let those words sink into all our hearts.  Paul chose carefully when he used the word temple. There are 2 New Testament words he could have used. They are HIERON and NAOS.  

The first word HIERON is used to describe all the buildings and the ground connected to those buildings. Let me illustrate by reference to the tabernacle in the wilderness. There was a surrounding curtain to the whole of the tabernacle and another smaller structure within. Between the entrance and this smaller tent were the altar of sacrifice and the Laver for the priests to wash at. Inside the small tent was a table and a candlestick and an altar for incense. The altar was placed in front of a curtain which led into an even smaller room in which was the Ark of the Covenant.   All of that was the Hieron.  

The NAOS speaks of the innermost place where the Ark was placed which was the place that God said He would come and dwell, His throne being the seat of Mercy which was over the ark.  The word NAOS is never used in the New Testament  except in reference to this most holy place, the place of God's dwelling.  Paul is careful to use this word NAOS in reference to US being the temple and He dwells in us by the Spirit.  It is the Person and Presence of the Spirit which makes us the temple of God.

This statement of Paul's is staggering and its implications are breathtaking. Any heart which knows this to be true has entered into the glory of the New Covenant. Please remember how Paul introduces verse 16......... Do you not know?     Let the wonder of the truth seep into every fibre of our beings and bring a sense of wonder to our hearts. Such is the wonder that filled Pauls heart and mind and understanding that he issues a warning in the next verse. Be careful not to damage this temple by allowing anything into it to damage it. The Corinthians had allowed division, party spirit, judgementalism, pride associated with opinion, immorality into the temple and Paul knew that the Spirit of the Lord was grieved.  The remedy for the Corinthians was a genuine repentance and a turning from these worldly attitudes of mind to the Cross of Christ so that there could be a restoring to the true holiness which God intend should mark out His Temple.

Dear brothers and sisters, WE are the temple where God has chosen to live. Open our eyes, Lord, to see the wonder of what is ours in Christ and to recognise that we are Christ's and Christ is God's. [verse 22]

Your brother    Dai



Hello Everyone and I trust you are all well and finding the Lord's provision during these shutdown days. There is a theme in Scripture, more so in the New Testament than the Old, which speaks of refreshing. It is most interesting that all the references in the New Testament speak of the Lord's people refreshing others, and not of the Lord directly acting to refresh. Let me illustrate the point. In the letter written to Philemon Paul commends him because he had refreshed the inward parts of the saints[verse7].  He is urged to receive his now saved servant Onesimus who had runaway.  Says Paul, if you welcome him back, you will refresh my heart and cause me much joy.[verse 20]

What an amazing company of people we are: with a God given ability we can refresh one another. Undoubtedly this is the work of the Spirit operating in every regenerate heart so that the body of Christ is kept in newness with the refreshing water of life flowing from one to the other.

Let me point you to 3 other men, who are seldom mentioned spoken of. None of them has a public ministry which is noted in Scripture, but how wonderful to note that they refreshed others. They are found in 1Corinthians 16:17-18. They had travelled from Corinth bringing something from the church in Corinth for Paul. Their coming refreshed Pauls spirit and refreshed those they had left behind. Their willingness to go to their bother Paul, who was in need, resulted in refreshing all round.  You may not consider yourself to be a public speaker or gifted in some special way but you can be the means of bringing this joy to the hearts of others by being God's way of bringing His refreshing to thirsty souls.

Finally, let me say something about the meaning of this word refreshing.  It has 2 meanings.   1. It means to cool or refresh again, suggesting that something has been lost and the loss has resulted in us getting hot and bothered.  In the heat of the conflict we may be going through, along comes the brother or sister who refreshes and our hot emotions or troubled spirit is cooled and restored. We read of Onesiphorus who was such a man in 2 Timothy 1:16 who OFTEN refreshed Paul. What a ministry to have for weary souls, even the soul of an apostle.    2. It means to rest again, and we can find its use in 2Corinthians 7:13 where Titus has been refreshed by all in the Corinthian church. Do note that the whole church was involved in the process of refreshing in the life of Titus.  He came to rest again.

Perhaps you feel the need of this in your life and he can meet with us.  But what is more amazing you can be the means of ministering this to others.

In these days of uncertainty how wonderful to be a means of bringing such a ministry to bear on the lives of others, and to be unconscious of doing it. This is not some kind of religious behaviour but the overflowing which Jesus spoke of when He said that out of our innermost beings should flow the REFRESHING water of life.  Let it flow through each of us so that others might be refreshed in spirit.

Your brother   Dai



Hi to one and all and trusting you are all proving the faithful mercy of the Lord. Do you find it important to be living today in the reality of the Lord's power and grace and not in a future imagined place of victory that is ours only when we depart this life. Is it true that all the fulness of God dwells in Him? This Paul asserts to be so. And if we are in Him by the miracle of new birth then let us be sure that His fulness is ours to enjoy. Because of the wonder of what Christ has procured for us, our lives have a completely new direction and we live not only to please the Lord but to be a means of blessing to others.

The prisoner of Rome, Paul the servant of the the Lord Jesus, writes of the purpose for his continued living in this world. He speaks of the mental dilemma he finds himself in, wanting to depart and be with the Lord Jesus, but aware of the need in the lives of the Philippians.[1:23]. That need can be met through his remaining in the world and ministering the Spirit of Life to these whom he loves. He calls them his joy and crown in 4:1. What a marvellous view to have of others. They are not there to serve me but I to serve them: and to serve in such a way that their lives are strengthened and filled with joy.  He puts it like this: "being confident of remaining in the flesh I shall be with you for your progress and joy of faith.

I love that little phrase,"your progress and joy of faith"[ 1:24-25] What does it mean to you?  The first thing to note is that he is not concerned about himself. He lives for the benefit of others and sees that there is no other reason for living. And remember he is in prison with no certainty as to his future. Yet he is convinced he will remain, not to improve his ministry nor to be acclaimed as some great apostle, but to serve others and thereby see their lives come to maturity and find this joy of faith.

Why does Paul speak of faith producing joy?  He has owned Christ to be his Master and Lord. He had no other reason to live but to serve the One who had saved him and filled him with His fulness. He was so dependent on Christ for everything that he was free from looking to himself or others. He could say that he had all things and abound [4:18].  Such an attitude of mind sets free from dependence on another and on Him only.

Did not Jesus so live in dependence on His Father?  And Paul had discovered the liberty and joy there is in serving the Lord in dependence on Him. He had progressed along this pathway of confident trusting and wanted to see his dear Philippian brothers and sisters coming into this great joy which he enjoyed.

I wonder how we who live in this day of ease and comfort compare to this ideal of which Paul speaks. Perhaps that is all it is for us... an ideal with no possible hope of becoming reality. Perhaps we are at ease and have missed the glory and wonder of what Christ has made possible by His death and resurrection. Perhaps we have no expectation that our lives can be used by God's Spirit to bring progress and the joy of faith to others.

Shall we today submit ourselves afresh to Him and allow Him to fulfil His great calling on our lives to be the means of helping one another to progress and walk the path of joyful faith.

Your brother   Dai.




Dear One and All, and a very happy new year to each of you. May it be a year filled with the delight of doing His will in both the inner quiet place and in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ where we are each called to function by the power of His Spirit.  What a wonderful life He has called into, and and what grace He has given whereby we no longer please ourselves but  Him.

I recently read about Peter's denial of the Lord Jesus, which was no surprise to Him, but a devastating exposure to Peter of the inadequacy of his love and devotion to Jesus. When he announced that he would be prepared to die for His Master I think he really meant it. There was no hypocrisy in his reply. He was honest but ignorant.    Ignorant of his heart condition and of what he was capable. I believe he honestly thought he was incapable of denying Jesus.  How little he knew of the depths of his own heart and the corruption which sin had wrought in his soul.

So Jesus had to show him his deepest need. There was no need for telling him off or pointing out his inadequacy. He simply told him what he would do, and when he did deny the Lord he was brought to see both His wonderful knowing of the human heart and eventually His ability to change it.   It was Peter who later was to write in his epistles that we are to love one another fervently, with a pure heart fervently . When Peter's heart was purified by the coming of the Spirit he realised that his natural love and devotion to Jesus was genuine but insufficient.

Natural affection and devotion can never make us disciples of the Lord Jesus. The standard is too high for human strength to attain. But knowing us as He does, He does not condemn nor despair, but offers that Life which has overcome to all and any who will receive. I never cease to be amazed by the love of this blessed Man, who knowing the human heart as He does, is aware of His power and strength to make new men and women of us.

The Lord move in this life transforming way in this new year and make us those through whom He can bring others to know the wonder of this grace which has saved and sanctified us. Love to you all, your brother Dai.



Good morning Everyone. I want to wish you all a very blessed Christmas even with the limitations imposed on us. Thank God He is not restricted and His purpose is to pour His Grace on our lived no matter what our restrictions may be.

There is a familiar verse in Luke 1:17 which reads "For with God nothing shall be impossible"   There is an alternative translation used in some Bibles which reads " No word of God is without power"  The context  is the conception of 2 babies, the first to an older lady who had not been able to conceive all her married life. The second to a much younger lady who was still virgin.

Both women had received a direct communication from God. The first via her mute husband and the second via the angel Gabriel.  I wonder how Zacharias communicated the wonderful news to his wife that she was to have a son. How he did that I don't know but it was not long before she knew she was expecting this miracle child so late in life.  Here was God's power at work irrespective of Zachariah's unbelief.  This conception was by the means that God had initiated at the beginning of creation.   But what of Mary?  Here was God's power operating on an altogether different level.  She enquired of Gabriel how this promise could be effected because she knew it could not be by the normal process of generation.  Gabriel told her how it would happen and that nothing was impossible to the God who had sent him to Mary.

 Her response is one of the most remarkable records of faith we will ever encounter. Two things should be noted which are so inter-twined, and they are her faith and the yielded-ness which faith produces.  Faith without yielded ness is dead. There is in verse 37 Mary's response to the promise made. She said."behold the maidservant of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your word." Putting her response in more modern language she said,"Here is my body for the Lord to use in order to fulfil His promised will"

The apostle Paul speaks of this yielded-ness in Romans 12:1-2, where he says we are "to present our bodies as living sacrifices"

This is what Mary did, trusting the One who made the promise to bring it to pass using her womb as the means whereby He would bring His Saviour into the world. Paul also said that "we who live are always being delivered up unto death, so that the LIFE of Christ may also be manifested in our MORTAL BODIES."

May all of us catch the wonder of His coming as the Babe of Bethlehem and the wonder of the faith of Mary who yielded her body whereby He could come. And let us yield ourselves to Him so that His will be done in us as it was in her.

Love to all, your brother   Dai



Some weeks ago I wrote in my article how 2 of Isaiah's sons were signs of God's word to the people of Judah. One was called  Shear-jashub,                whose name meant a remnant, indicating that after the captivity a remnant would return to the land.  That has been fulfilled. The other whose name was Maher-shalal-hash-baz which meant speed to the spoil, hasten to the booty. That has also been fulfilled when Babylon attacked and destroyed Jerusalem

Today I want to draw your attention to a man called Methuselah, famous for being the longest living man in recorded history. His name means, "when he dies it will be fulfilled"   So what happened at his death? Let's take a look.  We will need to do a little maths as we proceed.

We know that Methuselah was the son of Enoch. What a godly dad to have, and being a prophet he gave his son this prophetic name. He was 187 years old when his son Lamech was born. You can find that in Genesis 5:25-26. He lived a further 782 years and died aged 969.  I wonder if these huge ages which they lived was because their DNA was not as corrupted as ours today.

When Lamech was 182 years old he had a son called Noah. You can find that in Genesis 5:28-29. His name means rest /comfort, another prophetic name fulfilled after the flood. Lamech lived another 595 years and died aged 777.

Lets add together the 187 and the 182 which gives us 369 years.  We are told that after Noah was 500 years old he had 3 sons Shem, Ham and Japheth.  This is stated in Genesis 5:32.     Add the 369 and the 500 years together and you have 869 years.

In Genesis 7:11 we read that Noah lived another 100 years which means that 869 +100 =969.   The very age at which Methuselah dies is the year that the flood came on the earth. Chapter 7:11 gives the detail.

How precise and reliable is the word of the Lord and that word was outworked in the names of Methuselah and his son Noah. How wonderful that the Lord Jesus is and was the Word made flesh and what a miracle of grace that we are to bear in our bodies the treasure of His presence by the Holy Spirit.

The Lord move in all our lives to make manifest the Knowledge of His person and presence through us to the folks in the communities where we live.     Your brother    Dai



Hi everyone and loving greetings to you all.

We are fast approaching the Christmas season, and forgetting all the festivities which really have nothing to do with this most amazing event, let me draw your attention to something that happened in the life of Isaiah the prophet, who had more to say about the coming and the suffering of God than any of the other Old Testament prophets.

Isaiah had a son called Shear-Jashub. His name has the meaning "A remnant shall return" which is amazingly significant. Father and son were told by the Lord to go out and meet Ahaz the king of Judah who was being pressurised to join with the united forces of the king of Syria and the king of Israel[the 10 northern tribes]  The Assyrian army planned to attack Israel and to capture Syria and the 10 Northern tribes of Israel, and eventually to invade Judah and take Jerusalem captive. But the Lord told Isaiah to tell Ahaz that nothing would come of his plan to capture Jerusalem. This is recorded in Chapter 7:1-9.  At the end of verse 9 Ahaz is told that all he has to do is believe the word that the Lord has spoken to him. Sadly he did not believe it and his unbelief led to the invasion of Judah by the Assyrians. [Verse 17].

In the midst of this prophecy of doom and destruction stands Shear-Jashub declaring that that would not be the end of the nation of Judah. A remnant would return to the land. The Northern tribes did not return for their land because in the year 671 Esarhaddon imported foreign settlers into Samaria and they were bereft of their land and ceased to be a sovereign people. This son of Isaiah became a word made flesh in the midst of the people of Judah.

In chapter 8: 1-4 we read that Isaiah had a second son, who he is to call Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz. Before he was born Isaiah was told to write his name on a placard, which he did. That written word became flesh and blood when the boy was born. It seems that Isaiah had no doubt it would be a boy even though there was no process whereby the child could be seen in the womb, as we can today. His name means, "Speed to the spoil and hasten to the booty". That is exactly what the Assyrians did.

Let us note that these 2 examples of the Lord's Word being made flesh in the 2 sons of Isaiah should be linked to the prophetic word in 7:10-17 concerning the Virgin bringing forth the SON of promise. This would be a real flesh and blood child but He would be Immanuel-God with us.  Praise God for His wonderful promises which are fulfilled in our day.

One final thought. Paul says that "let the word of God dwell in YOU Richly. Colossians 3:16.  Is it possible that God wants His living word to be incarnated in you and me today? I believe that is what He wants for each of us so that we may not only speak His word but be living demonstrations of it.  Can you and I believe God for this in our day?  I am convinced He longs for this in His blessed children and will respond to our trust in His promise being fulfilled in our lives.

Your brother Dai



I want to continue our exploration of the absolute necessity of Baptism, and I mean Spiritual Baptism, which is the reality, not water baptism which is the illustration. Let's keep in mind what we noted last time, that John the baptiser said of our Lord Jesus that, "He would baptise in Spirit."

This must be the baptism which Paul speaks of in Ephesians 4:5, which he called ONE baptism.  So this is the one and absolutely necessary baptism and is the means whereby men and women come into life.

What a glorious work the Lord Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection. He completed the work of redemption and was the only One who could receive the promise of the Father to pour out the Holy Spirit. This He did on the day of Pentecost and is still doing this today for all who will come to Him and receive. Upon their receiving, they enter into newness of life and begin a walk in the Spirit which glorifies the blessed Saviour.

Let me illustrate by looking into Acts 19:1-7 where Paul visits Ephesus and meets 12 men who have been baptised in water under John's baptism. We do not know whether it was John himself who baptised them, but it seems more likely that it was Apollos who had been in Ephesus but had left to go to Corinth. These events are recorded in Acts 18:24-28.

When Paul met these 12 men he asked them a question which is most revealing. "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed". Firstly please note that in Paul's mind true believing is to be recognised by receiving the Spirit. Did Paul sense that He, The Holy Spirit, was not present in their lives.  Their answer to his question plainly reveals that He was not in them and therefore they were devoid of true spiritual life.

To be in John's baptism implies that there had been a recognition of personal sin, repentance from their sin and forgiveness for that sin.[verse 4] But that is not new birth. That requires Jesus' baptism. Please note that Paul emphasises that John points away from himself and his baptism to Christ. the One who was to follow.

What a response these 12 made. They immediately saw the inadequacy of John's baptism and were baptised in water  in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Now comes the fulfilment of the promise which we read of in Acts 2:38. Paul lays hands on them and the Holy Spirit comes on them. No doubt they were all filled at that moment and began to speak in tongues and prophesy. It is worth keeping in mind that when The Lord moved on the household of Cornelius in Acts 10, they were baptised in water after they had been baptised in the Holy Spirit.  There is no one method with the Lord.

I hope that these events in Acts 19 impress our hearts and bring us to see that the whole point of water baptism is to point us to the baptism of the Lord Jesus whereby LIFE comes flooding in to dead spirits and makes them alive unto God. It is this activity of the Spirit which I pray for, as I am sure many of you also pray for. For in that moment of His coming we enter into the Kingdom of God and into a life of fellowship with the Father and the Son by the Spirit.

God bless you all and I hope to see you on Sunday morning.    Dai.



Good morning everybody. I hope you are all well and proving the ability of the Lord to keep you in this shutdown. I am sure many of the Lord's people have been asking Him to put an end to the pandemic but as yet there seems to be no response from Him. Perhaps He has something He needs to accomplish before He allows it to die out. How good to know that He is over all and His will will be done to His honour.

Have you noticed that when John Baptist introduced forgiveness of sins to Israel he made no mention of forgiveness by means of the sacrifices under the law. He instructed no one to take an animal sacrifice to the priest, but to come to him. When they came with repentance in their hearts he was prepared to baptise them in water and the result was forgiveness of their sins. This was a new beginning in Israel and a movement away from the Old Testament means of forgiveness. It must have been mind blowing preaching for them. The Old Covenant was passing away.

When the Lord Jesus began His public ministry He followed the same method as John and as people came to Him they were baptised in water as evidence of their repentance and enjoyed the forgiveness of their sins.  There was great similarity between them as regard the content of their preaching.

 In John's gospel 4:1-2 we read that Jesus was making and baptising more disciples than John, although Jesus Himself was not baptising but his disciples were. It is interesting to consider why He did not baptise Himself.  He was the head of this movement as John was head of the initial movement when he came preaching in Israel.  

I wonder why He did not baptise?  Perhaps the answer lies in something John had said about Him on an earlier occasion. It is recorded in John 1:33 where John was told that " He upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining  is He who baptises in with the Holy Spirit"

He has a baptism to give which is not a watery one. The water baptism of John and that which Jesus' disciples practised was a picture of the one He was going to introduce as a result of His death and resurrection.  He even called this a baptism. So perhaps He withheld from practising water baptism so as not to confuse the 2 and give the impression that water baptism was as important as His Spirit baptism. We all understand that water baptism pictures death and resurrection: the end of the old man and the rising in newness of life. But water cannot achieve this and Jesus made sure that He did not give the impression that it could. It is His Baptism into death and His resurrection out of death which is now made available by the outpouring of the Spirit. This happened on the day of Pentecost to 3120 people. They passed from death into Eternal Life.

The 3000 who responded on that day are instructed to be baptised in water and they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. What a remarkable event[ Acts 2:38.] Perhaps they received the Spirit even as they came out of the water or immediately after. There was to be no long time delay between the water baptism and the Spirit baptism.

Let's be careful not to insist on this being the only pattern for receiving the Spirit. When the Lord moved upon the Gentile nations they received the Spirit first followed by water baptism. The order is not the vital issue. The receiving of the Baptism which Jesus gives is the all important issue. How much longing there must be in the heart of the Lord to be doing this in the hearts of folk today.  He is the BAPTISER and His longing is to move in our day and to bring men and women into this for which He died and rose again.

Love to you all    Dai



Good morning all, and if we will allow Him, the Lord will fill our hearts with His Spirit of love, joy ,peace and power for this day. How gracious He is in His dealings with us His sons and daughters.

When I was a young Christian I heard sermons about the New Jerusalem which we read of in Revelation 21 and 22.  The speakers spoke of it as being a literal city which would be the place to which we would all gather when the Lord comes again. The gold was literal gold. The pearls were literal pearls. The wall [216 feet high] are literal walls.  Everything was viewed from this literal perspective.

But my way of viewing these statements changed when I read the following.  Let me quote from chapter 21: 9 and 10.

'Come hither, I will show you the BRIDE the Lamb's WIFE."       "And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me THAT GREAT CITY THE HOLY JERUSALEM"

It occurred to me that John was seeing the CHURCH, not a literal city nor a future city. He was describing the Bride/Wife of the One who is called the Lamb. I think it is important to keep it in mind that the description of the New Jerusalem is a picture of the Church.  That was a complete bomb shell to my way of thinking and I had to read these things from a new mind set.

It impressed on my mind the importance of the church and I began to see the huge place the Church played in the writings of the New Testament. I would like to point you to  a few of these New Testament statements which are full of the wonderful way in which Christ views His glorious Church/ Bride.

Ephesians 5:25-27.   His Church washed and cleansed: a glorious Bride.    That's you and me dear redeemed one

2Cor 11:2    We are espoused to Christ, a chaste virgin. What language to use of you and me.  What love is this that He has for us.

The Church is spoken of using different symbols, such as a TEMPLE in Ephesians 2: 21.  As a HOUSE in Hebrews 3:6.  We are spoken of as being SHEEP in Hebrews 13:20 and as being SALT in Matthew 5:13.  This is symbolic/picture language  conveying characteristics which belong to those who make up His Church/Bride. No one would understand these things literally. So let's view Revelation 21 and 22 as a picture of the Church.

Some might wonder about the Light and Glory in the city, or about the Wall of the city: perhaps you have wondered about the Foundations of the city, or what about the Water of the city.  Are these to be understood literally or do they present to our minds aspects of truth which are meant to fill us with wonder and worship. Let me suggest some verses for you to investigate for yourself

Light and Glory. Revelation 21: 11 and 23.  Does the Church have the light? YES.  See 2Cor 4:4 and Ephesians 5:8 and  1Peter 2:9.

                         Does the Church have the Glory of the Lord?   YES.   John 17:22  Ephesians 5:27

Wall. Suggestive of protection and peace in a troubled world.  See Isaiah 60:18/19.  Thy wall are salvation and thy gates peace and thy God thy glory

Foundation Revelation 21:14. The wall had 12 Foundations and in them the names of the 12 apostles of the Lamb.   See Ephesians 2:20 where we read that the Church is built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone. This is not speaking of bricks and concrete but of the Truth brought to light in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.   Praise God

Water.  Revelation 22:1. he showed me a put river of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. We have 2 passages in John 4: 10-14 and John 7: 37-39 which speak of this water available to the woman of Sychar and to any who will come and drink.  This water is still flowing and it is the Lord's intention that it being flowing from His Church into the world bringing healing for the nations, along with the leaves of the Tree of Life growing on either side of the river.

What a glorious Church we are meant to be. I pray that everyone who reads this will recognise the amazing grace that God has poured out both ON and IN His church, and our hearts cry will be that He will fulfil all His hearts longing for the world  through this amazing company of men and women He has brought into newness of life.  Amen and Amen   Your brother   Dai




The senior citizens meetings for Saturday 28th March and Saturday 25th April have been cancelled. We will let you know when we will be able to restart these meetings.


Les Wheeldon's visit to Emmaus due in April has been cancelled and the Exploring Christianity course will be  postponed  till the Autumn.


A number of people are stopping whatever they are doing at 1:00pm each day to pray and to read their Bibles. Please join us at that time.