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Please visit the New Life radio site. http://www.newliferadio.co.uk/ With the ongoing present situation in the UK and abroad there are now more 'live' programmes, including Les Wheeldon, Ron Bailey, Larry Hill, Peter Richard to name a few who will be speaking live from their homes across the country. Sometimes recordings from NEW LIFE CONFERENCE will be broadcast.


Greetings to you all, and love from us both. How wonderful to have been taught by the Lord Himself how to rejoice in all our circumstances, even in our covid lock down. If we are slow learners then let's ask the Lord to come and be our own personal tutor so that we may live as He wants and so bring glory to His Name.

I wonder if you have come across a little book written by Hudson Taylor called Union and Communion? It is well worth a read and presents the truth of Oneness with Jesus, the result being that we can then have communion with Him and with all those who are of the same Spirit as He.  I have read recently of an emphasis which troubles me. The author speaks of being identified with Christ, and the language is suggestive of being in a sort of Christian club. If I belong to the Labour party I would identify with the politics being promoted by the Labour party.  But Jesus has come to do something far more profound than that. His coming has made it possible for us to be joined to Him, perhaps united to Him is a better picture. Paul uses the picture of marriage in his Ephesian epistle, and speaks of us being Christs bride. We would find it strange language if a newly wed couple spoke of being identified with each other. They have become one flesh says scripture. And we are united to Him, a far more wonderful truth than being identified with Him.

Most families have difficulties and when we were away recently we came across it with Pai's cousins. There are 3 brothers and the 2 younger boys have fallen out with the older one. Such is the division that the middle one will have nothing to do with the older one.  They do not commune because they are not united.  Thank the Lord that He has broken down every obstacle which has prevented UNION with Himself.  He comes to every willing heart in washing, renewing power and brings us into Himself so that we may fellowship with Him. We do not belong to an organisation dear brothers and sisters, nor to a particular brand of Christianity, but to CHRIST.....joined to Him in the bands of an eternal love, which He has gifted to us. The first attack of the enemy is on this union which we have with Him and the second is on that communion we have with each other. Finally a reminder from Paul in Ephesians 4:3 that we are to KEEP the unity which we have. We are not trying to create this unity because we have it in Christ, but we must strive to maintain it because the enemy seeks to destroy it.

Let us all abide in this wonderful Christ of ours, enjoying union with Him, and ever learning of Him and being a means of encouraging one another as we commune in the Spirit of life and love and power.  

Love to you all   your brother Dai.



Good morning everyone and was it wonderful to wake this morning knowing that the Son of righteousness was risen in our hearts. How real He wants to make Himself.

I have called this little article "Do I care"    I suppose that anyone reading this would say, 'well I know God cares'  And so he does. But have you noticed the response of the disciples on the boat in the middle of a life threatening storm, and of Martha when she was upset with her sister Mary.

The disciples said,: CAREST Thou not that we perish: and Martha said CAREST Thou not that my sister has left me to cope only own. How easy for caring to become selfish. Was not Martha caring for Jesus and all the disciples. She had a lot on her plate, and her expectation of Mary was wrong.  What of these disciples who had seen such care from the Master. Why could they not rest in the midst of the storm like Jesus.  Do you ever examine your heart in the light of the reactions of these Bible characters.

It is in the light of His care for us that we are to make our response. And how He has cared for us. Perhaps Care is seen best in the Shepherd heart that Jesus has for His sheep. We are in this sheep fold of His and let's notice His CARES for the sheep.

He lays His life down for them................The hireling does not, and why not?   Because the sheep are not His.  But we are His and His alone

He guards them from the wolf................The hireling flees, but He protects.  How safe we are if we will live as obedient sheep.

He feeds them, leading them into fresh pastures. We are all to be filled with the fresh pasture of His grace and to drink beside still, gentle waters. He guarantees to lead us there. How wonderful when our independence is dealt with and we stay ever close to the Shepherd.

Paul had friends whom he so trusted that he could send them to the churches he had established knowing they would CARE for them as he would.

Let me introduce you to 2 of them. Timothy and Titus. Paul said of Timothy that he would naturally CARE for the saints in Philippi and all because of his attitude of mind, which was one of such love that he would CARE for them just as Paul did.

Titus was to go to Corinth but he had never been there before. How would he handle these saints where there had been difficulties, some of which had caused division and upset. He testifies of Titus that God put an earnest CARE into his heart.  Isn't it such amazing grace to us all that if we lack such CARE He will put it into our hearts.

We belong to a body, the body of Christ, and each of us is to be careful for the other and not only for the things that concern ourselves. Let us demonstrate to this world the love of God in Christ which issues from our lives in sacrificial love and Care.

Your brother     Dai



Here are two more songs to bless you and encourage you in worship.



There's encouragement, too, to trust absolutely as we walk through the shadow of coronavirus, and to see more evidence of "all one in Christ Jesus".

Listen when you have the opportunity, and though the songs are new to us, the words are (more or less) familiar (Psalms 23 & 34) so you might want to join in. Keep your Bibles handy!

The Lord bless you all!

David & Meg



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here's an opportunity to hear how to Biblically challenge the current slide in personal relationships.

On Monday, September 7th, at 8pm, Christian Concern will feature on Facebook and Youtube Dr Peter Jones, of TruthXchange, applying Romans 1. Here's an extract from the TruthXchange website:

"If you are seeking truth in the cultural context of a “going within” kind of spirituality, you need to reread the biblical texts. This is the most important thing you could ever do because a few things never change. The Word from the “outside,” the Bible, is one of them. A historical and biblical perspective is most necessary in our age of global optimism for a transformed planet.

Our name, truthXchange comes from something the Apostle Paul wrote to a church in first-century Rome, when the Pax Romana (imperial social harmony) claimed to unify the known world in peace and prosperity. Paul wanted Christians in his time to understand their culture, so they would know how to talk about the gospel of God to their neighbors and friends. Paul affirms counter-culturally that Roman society, however enjoyable for many, was based on a false premise. He speaks of the great exchange: human beings in rebellion “exchange the truth of God for the lie and worship and serve the creation rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25).

With a major flaw at its base—the sinful human heart—our well-intentioned utopian hope can quickly become hell on earth, as did the Roman utopia for Christians.

TruthXchange seeks to unpack what Paul meant in his day and what his words mean for our day. Whether spirituality comes from the inside or the outside makes a huge difference in everything we do and think. Are we alone in this vast impersonal cosmos, making our own rules, evolving (we hope) for the good of all? Or, are we part of a vast, intelligently made universe that is the work of a personal, distinct and glorious Creator, who has reached down in the redeeming love of Jesus to rescue us from ourselves? The implications of Paul’s analysis are volcanic."

This seems to me to be an important issue on which to be well-informed - for witness and for prayer!

Every blessing!




Hello everyone and loving greetings from us both. What a wonderful Saviour we have and what grace he has shown to us lost sinners that He has made us His sons and daughters. Part of the amazing ministry of the Spirit He has given us is that He is The Comforter.  Jesus called Him The Comforter, not a comforter.

In difficulties, others may offer us a word of comfort or perhaps a touch of comfort. We should be grateful for such care from brothers or sisters, and we are called to be carers one of the other. The Lord teach us to be such, and to realise that in the circumstances He allows, He comes to comfort us so that we may be able to comfort others who are in distress.

Perhaps the greatest need of comfort is when we are tempted, and temptation can come in so many ways. For some it may come as despair or a feeling of intense loneliness. For others habits of thought leading to uncleanness or unkindness. Perhaps struggles with doubts and unbelief. Let me quote one of the most comforting words to be found in our New Testaments from Hebrews 2:18. "In that He Himself hath suffered being  tempted, He is able to succour [comfort] them that are tempted." Is it not worth while going through anything if only in the end others may be helped.

What a completely different view Jesus had of His own suffering, and we can have this same view when our hearts are in line with His. We  recognise that we are comforted in the midst of our difficulties so that we may be help to others. It is not a matter of putting up with hardships but allowing the Spirit, The Comforter, to succour our hearts so that we may minister this Life to others.

Shall we ask Him to set us free from all self centred ness so that we may be able to succour [strengthen] those who are being tempted. He is both willing and able to do such a work of Grace in every believing heart.

Oh to see His work in all our lives bringing forth this amazing grace in all the circumstances of our lives.     Your brother    Dai



 Dear Brothers and Sisters,This afternoon I was browsing the internet for some Christian choir music, and came across the singing of the 'BESY' choir, from the Bible Society of India, in the eastern region of Mizoram. The following link explains more about the setting and includes options to click on some of their songs. Not only is the singing uplifting, but the words are provided on screen so that you can sing along with them and worship the LORD together - it can be an experience of virtual fellowship, as you join with others around the world on this, the LORD's day!


With much love in the LORD!




Hi everyone and thank the Lord for His enabling grace in all the circumstances of life. A grace of such a kind that it brings the power of the risen Lord Jesus into immediate contact with whatever we are experiencing.

I hope the following may stir your heart to consider the kind of man/woman that Jesus is looking for. He wants us to be His representatives in this world which is His.

The first Corinthian letter and chapters 1,2, and 3 present 3 different kinds of person. They are the NATURAL, the CARNAL and the SPIRITUAL.

Paul identifies these 3 and his purpose in writing the epistle is that we may all know that we are people of the Spirit, governed by the Spirit because of a mind set which is Christlike. He makes that statement at the end of Chapter 2 verse 16.

So what are the distinguishing characteristics of each of these 3 person types.

The NATURAL.  These are those who have never received the Spirit of God, so that the things of God seem to them to be nothing but foolishness.  Chapter 2 :14.   The things of God seem both illogical and absurd to them and they are unable to make any sense of them.  We all know such people, some of whom may be in our families, and we need to be praying that The Lord will open their eyes to truth.  It is ONLY when the Spirit of the Lord comes that the hidden things of God can be revealed to us. Till then they  are unknowable.

The CARNAL.  These are those who have had experience of the Spirit of the Lord, but are dominated by their human nature and not by the Lord who is the Spirit. Paul calls them babes, controlled by their human desires and impulses. Chapter 3:1-3.  He makes clear that one of the symptoms of being Carnal is the divisive behaviour that leads to having favourites, and rejecting one in favour of another. This had become a major problem in the church in Corinth. He makes clear that we are only SERVANTS of the Lord with no ability to give life, because all growth comes from Him alone. Chapter 3:6.

The SPIRITUAL.  Paul presents himself as being a spiritual man, and fundamental to this understanding is the CROSS. He had no philosophy to offer as did the Greeks. His emphasis was not signs from heaven, which the Jews sought after. See Chapter 1:22.     He preached CHRIST and Him crucified.  He knew that it was the power of this risen Christ which was the saving power which operated in His life and was the source of his power in preaching the Gospel.  Chapter 1:18 declares his certainty that he is saved, yet is being saved by the message of the cross. Utter dependence on the finished work of Christ is the sure way to becoming a spiritual man/woman and having the certainty that the Spirit given us will be the constant minister of that finished work in our lives.

Let us then yield ourselves to the blessed Spirit who will centre our thinking, our praying, our activity in the one source of spiritual power which is Christ.   The Lord lead us on and into this life in the Spirit.    Your brother    Dai


                                              The Cross                                        Sunday 2nd Augut

Good afternoon everyone and how wonderful to belong to the King and to be in His kingdom by a glorious new birth.  The new birth was made possible by His death and resurrection, which led to the outpouring of the Spirit whereby we become new creations.  I want to point to something recorded by Matthew in chapter 16:21. Something new began at this verse which separates the previous chapters from what follows.  Jesus gathers His disciples around Him and tells them of His suffering and execution and then of His resurrection.   This is the first time He has spoken to them so directly about the future events of His life.  He excludes the crowds from this conversation because He is wanting to teach His own about the necessity of the cross. He is immediately challenged by Peter who says "May God be merciful to you"  That is a better translation of what Peter said.

He repeats the same prediction in 17:22 and this time Matthew records that they were exceedingly sorrowful. Have you ever considered why? The fact of His resurrection should have made them overjoyed but it didn't.  Perhaps that part of His statement did not register with them. All they could think of was His departure from them which meant the end of His kingdom and His Messianic reign. They really did not understand Him nor why He had come into the world. John tells us that sorrow filled their hearts when He told them He was returning to the Father who had sent Him 16:6

I wonder whether the significance of the cross has flooded all our hearts and minds. It was an unthinkable thing for the Messiah to die. How could He set up His kingdom if He were to die. But Jesus knew that He could never set up His kingdom in the hearts of men and women except by the cross. He knew that only by being united to Him in His death could sin and its power be brought to an end in lives, and a new life imparted which had overcome sin, self and death.

Perhaps the greatest work which the Holy Spirit achieves in our lives is to join us to this glorious Saviour, and in so doing we prove that His death is mighty to deliver us from sin, the devil, the world, and to bring us into that love of God which has always been His aim. Paul said that he gloried in the cross. Not in his gifts or ministry or apostleship but in the CROSS, which had brought that vengeful, fanatical pharisee to an end and made him into a lover of God and of men.

Shall we be an example to the men and women of our day of the power of the cross by living clean lives, full of joy and peace, which bring honour to His most wonderful Name.  Let us seek Him, that He be honoured in our generation. Love you all     Dai


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                              Power                                         Saturday 25th July

Dear All, some thoughts for us to think about but most importantly to respond to as we submit to the Kingship of the Lord Jesus.

There is a verse in Ephesians 1:19 which contains the 4 words which are used in the New Testament to speak of God's power.  They are

DUNAMIS which is inherent power: God is inherently powerful and needs to draw upon no other.

ENERGIA which is power in action. Paul speaks of it as working power

KRATOS which is power demonstrated

ISCHUOS which is power accomplishing His will.

When Jesus prepared His disciples for His departure to His Father, He told them that they would receive power from on high when the Holy Spirit came. They were to do nothing but to wait expectantly for that event. The power which came upon them and filled them was the DUNAMIS power, the ability of God occupying and filling them. That Dunamis power was quickly operating in them and they began working[ENERGIA] the works which God had prepared for them to do.  There was an immediate demonstration of that power and thousands entered into the kingdom on that same day. There could be no doubt that the will of the Lord was done that day.

There is a phrase in the 19th verse which unlocks the secret to the operating of this power. Here it is: "What is the surpassing greatness of His power TOWARDS US WHO BELIEVE"  Does the thought seem an impossible one.  Can this be for me we ask?  Yet the matter is resolved when we come to faith in the ability of God to accomplish what seems to us to be impossible. The Lord Jesus responds to childlike faith and imparts His power into the trusting heart that knows it's weakness but believes He is true to keep His word and do that thing which seems most impossible.

So power comes to make possible what was once impossible. Now we have power to forgive. Now we have power to be His witnesses. Now we have to walk in obedience. Now we have power to walk in purity of heart.   The list becomes endless.  Let us, brothers and Sisters, recognise that His great Grace has planned these things for us and the only condition is that I believe His word to be true for my life's work.

Praise God for His unspeakable gift

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday 25th July

Good morning to everyone.  David Longworth has worked hard to get the Zoom meeting set up so we are going to begin on Wednesday August 5th at 7pm. He will send the ID number and password to everyone and those wishing to join can log in. The meeting lasts 40 minutes maximum and it will be an opportunity to talk, pray, read from the scriptures of truth, and pray for any need.  Hope you can join in.

The ruling in Wales does not allow for more than 2 households to meet, so the idea of meeting outside in John Frith's and Phil Burman's is still not possible. I hope that restriction will be lifted soon.

 Thanks and the Lord bless each of us with His presence and power.     Dai

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                                      Glory                                                 Sunday 19th July

Good morning everyone. We are enjoying a few days with the family in Cornwall, which has been so lovely. The grand kids are growing and changing so quickly. Oh that they all might come to know the wonderful grace of the Saviour. We will back on Thursday.

I was thinking about the comparison Paul makes between the Old covenant under Moses and the New covenant under Christ. This is recorded in 2 Corinthians chapter 3.  He speaks of the glory that attended the giving of the law, but points out that it was a fading glory. Moses covered his face so that the people of Israel should not see the fading glory.  Some think it was to hide it, but that is not what Paul says. He then continues by speaking of the veil which is on the hearts of the old covenant community. It remains there to this day, as it does on the hearts of all peoples. But here is the wonderful good news that the moment the heart turns the veil is taken away. I cannot think of a better picture of repentance than that, can you?

So what happens when that veil is removed: remembering that it is the Lord Christ who removes it and fills with His Spirit. This Spirit is spoken of as being the Lord. verse 17. That is a striking statement.   We tend to speak of Jesus as being the Lord, and so He is. But in His dealing with the souls of men He gives another who is just like Him, and He is the Lord the Spirit. His presence brings about a liberty whereby we can keep the law of the Spirit who now dwells in our hearts. That is a most profound difference between the 2 covenants. There is gifted to us by the Lord the Spirit, the ability to obey this inward principle of righteousness and the result is a growth in glory. Not a glory that we can see because our gaze is focussed on Him and not ourselves. We see the wonder of His image and are being changed from one degree of glory into another, not by our own effort by by the Spirit of the Lord.

So brothers and sisters, what a glory is ours. Let us pray for each other that we may be increasing in this glory which makes us more and more like Him who is the only Saviour and Lord. Would it not be a wonderful thing to emerge from this shutdown with a greater glory on our faces than when it began.

Love to one and all.     Your brother Dai

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Sunday 12th July

Good morning all.  May each of us experience the power of the living Christ to meet our every need this day.  We pray, "Give us this day our daily bread"  His answer is that He gives us Himself to be all that we need.

A brief word about the woman spoken of in Matthew, Mark and Luke who suffered from the issue of blood. She had spent all she had on medical treatment and it all proved ineffective. There is every possibility that she had been divorced because of her condition. She was certainly unwelcome in the synagogue because she was declared unclean by her illness, and her social group would have disowned her to, possibly even her family if she had any.  And all this through no fault of her own.

Can you imagine the isolation she felt and she was growing progressively weaker as her body deteriorated.

How she heard of Jesus we do not know. But her need drew her to Him. I imagine she had seen something of His wonderful works of love and thought this is the One to whom I must go.  But 12 years of withdrawing from everyone meant her ability to openly come was damaged so she determined it had to be in secret.

Hidden in the crowd she approaches and sees the blue fringe of His robe, pushed forward and grips it. Power instantly floods her and she is healed. Wonderful.  Now she can quietly withdraw and life can begin anew. But the Master of life and death and sickness stops and asks what appears to be a foolish question. "Who touched Me"   The answer given would be the one you and I would give. Lord, look at the crowd. Many have touched you in the course of our journey to Jairus' home. But Jesus knew that someone had really touched Him for Power/Virtue had flowed out of Him, and He knew it.

Why did He not leave the woman to withdraw without bringing attention to bear on her. This was no attempt to embarrass her nor to rebuke her for the way she had approached Him. The reason is that He had more to do in her life than healing her. So she comes forward and stands before Him telling Him of what life has been like for the past 12 years. She is now looking into the face of this most amazing of men and He is looking into her face.   Then He speaks.

What would have been the tone in His voice and the look on His face?  Have you ever tried to imagine it? He says DAUGHTER.  I think she would have been older than Jesus, though I do not have proof of that.  That word daughter washes away the loneliness, the rejection, and the heartache of the last 12 years. It was like a welcome home. He had brought her from the place of being a secret believer into the full gaze of all in the crowd and now she becomes a public believer free to tell the world what He has done for her. He tells her that her faith has SAVED her.  Let's not limit that to her healing only. He has released from her closed in isolated world into the glory of His kingdom and it seemed to her that the years of suffering and loneliness were all taken away.

Perhaps you have a need today. Different from this woman's but real and seemingly immovable. It may not be physical, but emotional or mental, or spiritual. As surely as He was aware of her need He is aware of yours. And His grace is an overflowing grace such that we can draw on Him as she did. I love the the way Luke tells us that He responds to our need by a touch. What an immense and open heart He has to meet our need.

Don't miss the opportunity to come today. Don't delay dear friend. He loves to be involved in our lives in this way.     Your brother    Dai

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear All,                                                                                               Saturday 4th July

Trusting you are all safe and well in the Lord's tender care.

I felt led to update a message I preached in Aberporth last year. It would be good for you to read the third chapter of Peter's second letter first, then keep your Bibles open to read the verses prompted within the message. A transcript follows:


 What times we live in! In contrast to the magnificent efforts of NHS and essential workers during the current pandemic, we have seen appalling scenes of rebellion and violence in street ‘parties’ and the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests, with their raised fist symbols. Only last year we saw many ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protests around the country, a year in which a newspaper headline also declared:

Public fear Britain has descended into lawlessness due to knife crime, five ex-Met Police chiefs warn


 But what do the Scriptures say? We know from Paul writing that lawlessness is no new thing “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work”(1 Thess.2:7), but we also know that “evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Tim.3:13). The Extinction Rebellion logo is said to represent time running out for the earth, and is linked to the ‘No Planet B’ slogan. Where does the truth lie? What guidance does Scripture provide?

READING:   2 Peter 3

 In this chapter we have the last recorded words of the ‘big fisherman’, the Apostle Peter. As he writes them, he is some 1300 miles from his homeland, far from his native Galilee, with its sparkling waters, its productive farmland and abundant fisheries. It’s 67AD, 40 years or so since Jesus called him from his nets in Capernaum. He is Rome, a captive in prison, awaiting execution at the whim of Emperor Nero. Only three years ago his colleague Paul had been beheaded for his faith. Peter has already written one letter from prison to the Christians scattered across Asia Minor (what we now know as Turkey).

 Now Peter is no stranger to prison, or to the sentence of death. On the Day of Pentecost, only 7 weeks after the Resurrection and only one week after the Ascension of Jesus, Peter, along with John, was imprisoned overnight in Jerusalem by the Jewish authorities (Acts 4:3). Not long afterwards several apostles were imprisoned, but released in the night by an angel so that they could preach in the Temple (Acts 5:18-20). Roughly 10 years later, during persecution by Herod Agrippa, who had already executed one of Peter’s former business partners, James, brother of John, Peter had been imprisoned for a while before another angelic release set him free.

 Now, in Rome, some 20 years later, there is to be no escape. Peter was only too well aware of this, as we can see from his early verses: [READ ch.1:13-15]. That being the case, we can be sure that what he has to say in this letter is going to be highly significant – there’s no time for trivia!

 So let’s turn to what he has to say in our reading, and consider his message – not only to those first-century Christians, but to us, …wherever we are, …. today. Peter’s declared intention is to remind his audience of what they should already know (v.1), especially what prophets and apostles have taught about the state of society, particularly in regard to the Word of God (v.2ff). Peter draws attention to sceptical and dismissive attitudes towards God’s actions in the past and God’s plans for the future: they deny the return of Jesus and assert that everything is proceeding naturally and normally, without supernatural intervention (v.4). They deny divine Creation (v.5). They deny the Flood (v.6). They deny God’s daily sustaining of the present world, and its future judgment (v.7). All these things are widely denied today, even in some cases within the church.  Yet Peter assures his readers that God’s promises, though they be delayed, are nonetheless certain (vv.8-13). And then he encourages them in no uncertain terms to remain, in spite of the

doubters, diligent and steadfast, to live holy lives, and to grow in their personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ (vv.14-18). These are important lessons for us today.

 So let’s look in more detail at the scoffers’ denials. Firstly, they deny Creation. Yet God’s Word declares plainly that He created everything – sun, moon, stars, earth, plants, animals and humans, humans distinct from animals. Nothing that He created needed development or improvement – it was ‘very good’ from the very beginning (Gen.1:31), and Hebrew scholars tell us that this phrase, ‘very good’, indicates perfection. Life, therefore, did not ‘emerge spontaneously’ from some random chemical fluids. In fact, evolutionary theory defies a basic scientific principle that has never been falsified. It is the ‘Law of Biogenesis’, separately established in the mid-19th century by Louis Pasteur in France and Rudolf Virchow in Germany: ‘Life only comes from life, and from its own kind’.1  In our own day the American physicist Hubert Yockey, who worked with Robert Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project and later became an Information Science specialist, said this: “the origin of life is insoluble as a scientific problem”. He denied that chemical processes could produce the DNA code, or indeed, any kind of code. He also wrote in 1992, “ The belief that life on earth arose spontaneously from non-living matter is simply a matter of faith …. and is based entirely on ideology.”2 Despite this, even he would not acknowledge the Creator, or even the principle of Intelligent design!

 Creation by God, however, is confirmed by Jesus, who only spoke as directed by God Himself 3. Here’s Matthew’s record of Him quoting Genesis: [READ 19:4]. Remarkably, this pre-scientific statement is supported by science even at the sub-microscopic level. According to some of the latest research by the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Israel, there are about 6500 differences between men and women, and this is so in every cell of the roughly 10 trillion cells of which every human being is made.4 And here, in his final letter, Peter says that “scoffers …. wilfully forget” (NKJV) that God is the Creator. More literally, Peter’s Greek says that they prefer to be ignorant. This accusation agrees with Paul when, in introducing his letter to the Romans, he asserts that ever since the Creation of the world, the attributes of God can clearly be seen from His handiwork (1:20), and Paul describes  those who deny Him as “professing themselves wise, they became fools”.

 Secondly, in verse six of our chapter this morning, Peter also says that such wilful ignorance also applies to the Flood [READ it]. Yet unremarked in the popular press and in the school curriculum is the increasing evidence for a global flood. Earth’s sedimentary rocks are replete with signs of catastrophic erosion and deposition. What’s more, the preservation of delicate structures found in many fossils indicates extremely rapid burial, allowing very little time for scavenging, abrasion, and decay. For example, fossil squid from clays in Wiltshire were found to have soft-tissue details preserved, such as their suckers and ink sacs. In 2007 the BBC reported that ink residue had been chemically re-activated, such that it was used to draw an illustration of the squid. No attention was drawn to the fact that the pigment (melanin) should have degraded long, long ago, given its supposed age of 150 million years. In clays and mudstones in Montana, the US scientist Mary Schweitzer has found soft, stretchy, collagen and blood cells on dinosaur bones supposed to be 68 to 80 million years old. Catastrophic burial and much, much, less time is clearly indicated by such evidence. Yet the Flood is still denied.

 Next, we turn to the third element of the scoffers’ denials mentioned by Peter: the Judgment [READ v.7]. Often this verse is used to emphasise “the Day of Judgment and the perdition of ungodly men”, but there’s much more to it! Peter says here that “the heavens and the earth are now preserved by the same word”, that is, the very same Word of God by which they were

originally created. Here, our English word ‘preserved’ is used for Peter’s Greek word (Strong’s 2343: thesaurizo) which refers to the storage of treasure, the keeping of something very precious, so he is writing to assure his readers of God’s diligent maintenance of the heavens and the earth until such time as He decrees judgment. The preciousness of this planet was not invented by conservationists and revolutionaries!! Such maintenance is also taught in the Epistle to the Hebrews (1:1-3) which speaks of Christ “upholding all things by the Word of His power.” Judgment, however, is certain, Peter says, and though it is foretold, its timing will be totally unexpected. Just listen to Peter again, by reading verses 10-13. We’ll come back to the application to our lifestyle later, but do note these details: the heavens and the earth as we know them will be destroyed, ‘dissolved’ as the NKJV has it in vv.11 and 12. It will involve:

Great noise (v.10)

Fervent heat (vv.10,12)

Burning (v.10)

Melting (vv.10,12)

Interestingly, Peter’s  Greek word behind ‘dissolved’ (or ‘destroyed’ NIV) at its most literal means ‘loosened’ – the exact opposite of Paul’s description of Christ’s long-running maintenance: “In Him all things consist” (NIV: hold together) (READ Col.1:15-17).

That’s the bad news, but here’s the good news: READ 2 Peter 3:13

THERE IS A ‘PLANET B’ after all !!

(so, Extinction Rebellion’s slogan is sheer deception, though their ‘time is running out’ symbol is spot-on, albeit for different reasons)

 Peter, of course, is not alone in this. Biblically, truth is not established by only one witness, but by at least two. Roughly 20 years after the execution of Peter in Rome, under the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian, the Apostle John was in exile on the island of Patmos, in the Aegean Sea, about 40 miles SW of the modern holiday resort of Kusadasi, Turkey. There, on Patmos, was where he received the Revelation from Jesus. Towards the end of that visionary experience, John says “Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away, and there was found no place for them” (20:11). Another translation of John’s Greek would say ‘The earth and the heaven vanished’; John seems not to have seen the process by which that happens, but only the result. What he did see after this was the process of judgment and its dreadful outcome in the ‘second death’. And after that …… this:[READ Rev.20:1-5] The Apostle John’s experience on Patmos confirms it: there is a Planet B after all  !!   But only for those who believe, for those forgiven and redeemed by the Lord Jesus. For all others, severe judgment awaits. Out of sheer compassion, we need to redouble our efforts to proclaim the Good News to those who are still in darkness.

 And that brings us straight back to Peter’s exhortation: [READ vv.14-15, 17-18]. Do I need to say more? Just read it again this afternoon, …. and again  …. and again, and, above all, live it day by day!


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